Date:January 06, 2012

Career coaching

Bring your dreams! 

In your individual Career coaching session, we will create your Career – a Strategic plan of action – an effective and valuable contribution in reaching your goals, and help fulfilling your dreams!

Your Career Design session provides you with the opportunity and tools to create that future which calls you into action.

Reach your goals!  Well look at what your career goals are, and identify specific ways to fulfil them. Well look not only at what you want to do, but how you can do it.

We’ll identify the results that need to be produced, as well as the specific actions you can take to make that happen.

We’ll also begin to create your Results Manager,  the management tool we use to be sure you are on track, in action, and producing the results you want in every area of life which is important to you.

We’ll look to see what’s working, not working, and what we can add that will have you REACH your goals, and bring your dreams into reality.  Work one-on-one with our Career Experts in designing and implementing your strategic action plan to ensure your success!!

Also experience our rapid round session which is purely a one-on-one session.You just need to take a break of one hour in between your hectic schedule and meet our expert nearer to your coffee shop over a coffee break.