“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.”

Alvin Toffler Knowledge is essential but not everything to stay ahead in today’s fierce competition. It is essential to differentiate yourself and stand out and above the crowd . This is where we, Rojgar Lab come in.Rojgar Lab has been successfully helping individual to fulfill their career, business and productivity goals . We nurture talent, train them, provide consulting, help in documentation, and offer other essen tials to help individuals grow to their full potential. India is growing at a rapid pace, thanks to the growing number of entrepreneurs. When you say entrepreneurship in India, the names that come on top are the Tata, Ambani, Premji, Murthy, Bansal,and many more. These pioneers of Indian industry have not only made Indian business firms popular but also have paved the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs. The recent successful entrepreneurship from Ind ia like the Flipkart, Snapdeal, Swigy, etc have made the path clearer . Entrepreneurship is vital to a vibrant, growth – oriented economy and this holds absolutely true for a country like India where the economy has grown sharply. India has two distinct advantages – one the young generation and the other one is the technological innovations. Small entrepreneurs from rural and urban areas hold the key to India’s development and economy. We at Rojgar Lab help small entrepreneurs forge their ideas and make a pro per well planned strategies for them to implement and take their dreams forward. We would assist them in making their project reports and help them make statuary registration . Our role doesn’t end there, we take it on ourselves to help them in their marketing strategies to take their business to national level.

Our Mission

To become a catalyst in facilitating competent small entrepreneurs and individuals through entrepreneurship education, career training, research & institution building.Our Vision is Connect – Inspire – Transform Rojgar Lab helps individuals and small scale entrepreneurs who are in “career turmoil”, have lost their confidence and hope or awareness of performance, and do not have a strategy of what next and how to get there. Using effective evidenced – based approach and training,our clients learn how to build and access new connections, confidence in what they can do , find renewed inspiration and focus, and a step by step procedure that transforms their short and long term career goals into reality.